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Joan Barrow
First year at WKHR: 1996
Born and Raised: Litchfield, Connecticut
Broadcast Experience: None until I became the “Weather Lady” in 1997.
Favorites: I really don’t have a favorite. Nat King Cole would be high on my list… as would Glenn Miller. I like them all.
Occupations: Formerly a nursery school teacher… then 30 years in Real Estate sales/management. Presently retired.
Musical Talents: I sing in the shower… that’s about it.
My Story: My legacy from my husband is a library of music, all cataloged, all his “special” music. I felt it only fitting that I carry on in his place. His knowledge of music and musicians was more than I will ever know, but in some small way I can keep the memories alive here at WKHR, FM91-5.
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