Thank you for listening! The facility that houses FM 91-FIVE is having issues with a planned maintenance project.

No one at the station was affected, but as a safety issue, we have halted live broadcasts until the project is complete. I have no completion date at this time.

So, enjoy the announcer-less programming until it's OK for us to return to normal.

Thank You!

Chris Kofron
General Manager WKHR
Cleveland's FM 91-FIVE

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Lu Lu
First year at WKHR: 2006
Born and Raised: Born in Cleveland, OH and have spent the last 45+ years in Geauga County (just east of Cleveland).
Favorites: Musicians I really like Broadway music and the old Hollywood musicals. Barbara Cook, John Gary, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy are some of my favorites.
Occupations: I’ve had many careers. At present I am a travel agent for a global corporation. I keep my RN license up to date in case I really want to go back to medicine. I’d rather travel then give shots.
Musical Talents: I’ve been a choir member for over 35 years, alto voice and sing solo. I play a little, very little, piano and I’m currently saving for a Celtic harp. That will be my next challenge, learning to play.

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